About us

A.M.C. was founded in order to attend the demand of the communities and hotel industry products in national and international markets.

Nowadays we have a large client list, as well as we have the most innovative production methods.

In A.M.C. we design, manufacture and distribute for national and international markets houseware catering ware and trays, we adjust ours products to customer´s needs, we manufacture with news plastics raws materials (Polycarbonate and Polypropylene).

We are certified for food use and we are registered according to directive 2008/39/CE.

Ours lines and articles are:

  • POLYCARBONATE CATERING WARE AND LIDS: Jugs, glasses, cups, plates, salad bowl, bowls, insulated bowls and lids for: Jugs, cups, soup plate, bowls, insulated bowls and insulated cups.
  • TRAYS AND ACCESORIES: Insulated or isothermic trays, trays with compartments, self-service trays.

Design, production and distribution in Spain and in the world of dining room utensils, trays and conveyors for communities using the latest generation of polycarbonate and polypropylene plastic raw materials.


Qualify the supply of plastic products such as utensils, cutlery, household goods and food containers not only in service providers and contractors but also in the users of these services in communities and hotels, both in the national and international markets.

AMC in the world

The development of our products is aimed at the sectors of the communities and the hospitality industry around the world, becoming present in more than 28 countries and at the main international fairs.

Quality and Innovation

Product manufactured according to Regulation (UE) 2015/174, (ue9 2016/1416, that modifies Regulation (UE) 10/2011 and Directive 2002/72/CE, Regulation (UE) 2018/213, Regulation (CE) 2023/2016 about good manufacturing practice.

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